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"True leaders understand it's not about them, its about who they serve."

~ Sheri L. Dew


Sandra specializes in corporate coaching, consulting and training to support leadership development, build stronger teams, develop better communication, and increase a thriving company culture with concrete, measurable outcomes.


She has partnered with clients worldwide; from individual contributors to global Fortune 500 companies to provide professional development opportunities designed to grow individuals and teams.

She is experienced in individual, group and team coaching techniques, using evidence-based tools and processes with a supportive, no-nonsense approach. Her ability to guide others to peak performance, implement innovative methods and solutions, facilitate engaging and interactive workshops, and serve as a catalyst for change and excellence have contributed to her solid reputation as a successful leader, mentor, coach, and educator. Sandra is passionate about coaching, effective communication, leadership, conflict management and enjoys facilitating collaborative conversations in these areas.


Sandra graduated cum laude from National University San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and currently holds an Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential through the ICF (International Coaching Federation). She has over 25 years of coaching experience and continues to pursue additional education, learning and growth opportunities to provide the best coaching and learning experience for her clientele.

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A checklist cannot sail a [ship]. Instead it provides reminders of only the most important and critical steps.

~ Atul Gawande

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