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"True leaders understand it's not about them, its about who they serve."

~ Sheri L. Dew

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Sandra Oliver partners with you to co-create your personal best by recognizing, understanding, and overcoming the sometimes invisible obstacles that may keep you from achieving success and fulfillment in both the workplace and your personal life.
Her supportive, no-nonsense approach and gentle attitude allows you to discover your values and claim the life you want to live, one conversation at a time.  

Her degree in Psychology, background in Social Work and ongoing coaching education serve as a powerful catalyst for personal and professional transformation using proven tools and techniques to help individuals, coaches, and other professionals world wide move past uncertainty to become the leader they admire and create a life they love!  

Are you ready to become the leader you admire?

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A checklist cannot sail a [ship]. Instead it provides reminders of only the most important and critical steps.

~ Atul Gawande

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