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Coaching partners with you to step into your powerful presence by uncovering your limiting beliefs and realigning your unique talents into tools for success.
We help our clients look at life from a different perspective by combining practical tools align individual strengths with overall vision and goals.


  • You have a desire to make lasting, positive changes in your life

  • You feel stuck and want to move forward quickly and easily

  • You know what you want, but can’t quite take action to make it happen

  • You are ready to take action to make your dreams a reality


Schedule your complimentary Discovery Session to learn more about coaching and start your journey. 

We offer a variety of coaching/mentoring options designed to meet your goals. 


Meet the Team


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Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Passion to Live Fear-lessly
With her unique ability to help others initiate change and transformation themselves, Sandra Oliver is a highly sought-after coach who helps her clients excel both professionally and personally.  Sandra combines her degree in Psychology, background in Social Work and coaching certifications to serve as a powerful catalyst for personal transformation.

Her journey through four different careers in social work, technology, health and life coaching gives Sandra a unique perspective to help others discover how they can become the best version of themselves.  Coach Sandra’s style is supportive and engaging, using proven tools and techniques to uncover how use their current experience to create future success



Communication Expert

Inspiring Excellence

As a highly trained and well-versed communicator, Breelyn knows that practice makes effective… not perfect. Her goal is to inspire others to strive for their personal best through learning and developing their own unique set of talents.



I've had the privilege of being a student of this outstanding woman, instructor, coach, and advisor. Her technique requires individuals to search within themselves, ask the difficult questions, and best of all, allowing you to answer those questions in YOUR OWN words. Sandra, Thank you for the insight and continued success.

Daron F

I’m impressed by Sandra’s level of expertise involving interpersonal effectiveness. Not only can she teach these skills, she embodies them. She’s grounded in herself, gifted with empathy, and passionate about her work. Her energy in a moment of distress is like a lighthouse for me. It feels easier for me to recognize my emotions, see a situation objectively, and ultimately access my own intuition. Also, I love her journal cards. I shuffle until it feels right to stop, pull 3 cards, and trust that the 1st thing I think of is what I need to hear. I love that I can use them to redirect my thoughts. Sometimes they challenge me in that way, and that's a very good thing.

H. Frakes

Sandra Oliver has helped me realize things about myself that I needed to fix from past relationships. She does so by letting you find the answers for yourself lying within your own words by asking you the right questions. The pertinent questions she asks gets the gears working in your mind and gets you thinking about what to do for yourself. Sandra listens with compassion and empathy and can relate to many of the same problems & situations we are all going through yet cannot find answers on our own.

B. Darby